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Texas Rangers rumors: Tommy Hanson, Rangers talking

Jon Paul Morosi tweets that the Rangers are reportedly "in talks" with pitcher Tommy Hanson


Texas Rangers rumors: Tommy Hanson and the Rangers are "in talks," according to Jon Paul Morosi on Twitter.

As has been widely discussed, the Rangers are looking for starting pitching depth, particularly with Derek Holland out for the first part of the season.  Hanson, 27, was a one-time rising start with the Atlanta Braves, but he hasn't been the same since rotator cuff surgery in 2011.  The Braves traded Hanson to the Anaheim Angels for Jordan Walden last offseason, and Hanson posted a 5.42 ERA in 73 starts innings for the Angels.  He was non-tendered after the season, making him a free agent.

I'd think Hanson would be on a minor league deal, although a major league deal is possible.  Its tempting to say he could be great if he could pitch like he did pre-injury, but he's one of the examples of how shoulder injuries can devastate a career, and he may never be healthy enough to really contribute again.