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Saturday morning Rangers things

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Saturday morning Rangers news and links

Tom Pennington

Good morning, LSB peeps.

Its that time of year...time for the annual, "The truck is leaving the stadium laden with baseball equipment, heading for Surprise" stories.

T.R. Sullivan has a story about the Rangers' moving truck heading out to Arizona yesterday.

Jeff Wilson continues his series on the amateur market in Latin America with a piece on the Rangers' academy in the Dominican Republic.

Richard Durrett asks, can Martin Perez build on his strong 2013 campaign, and establish himself as a key member of the Ranger rotation in 2014?

Durrett also wonders if a coaching staff with a couple of new members will be able to jell quickly this spring. And he also ruminates about whether Tommy Hanson can help fix the Rangers' rotation depth issues.

Sullivan has a story about the Rangers looking for starting pitching depth, saying that the focus is on Hanson and Korean righty Suk-Min Yoon, although Mike Maddux has very good things to say about Colby Lewis, who is expected to be at full strength when camp starts.

Drew Davison has some notes on the search for pitching depth, the truck heading to Surprise, and 28 of the Rangers' 32 pitchers in major league camp being good to go for the start of camp -- the four who aren't 100% are Roman Mendez, Derek Holland, Joe Ortiz and Ben Rowen.