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Wednesday evening Rangers discussion thread

So, any thoughts about the Rangers you want to talk about tonight?

There's no exhibition game tonight...this is the last off day for the Rangers until the day before the season starts.

And I'm not feeling a burning desire to write about any particular Ranger issue right now.

So here's an open thread for discussing whatever you feel like talking about, vis-a-vis the Rangers, tonight.

Some potential topics...

Is Tanner Scheppers really a starting pitcher?  Does Jon Daniels talking about him as a potential TORP get you more fired up about the idea?

Is Robbie Ross being overlooked as a starter?  Would the Rangers be better served with him going to AAA and working as a starter, rather than being in the bullpen, if he doesn't crack the rotation?

Who should round out the bench, with Mitch Moreland likely starting the year on the d.l.?

Feliz or Soria?