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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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I know, right?
I know, right?

The good news is we're only a week away from Opening Day. The bad news is there's a realistic chance that Josh Wilson and Adam Rosales will be the double play combo and the guys the Rangers brought in to be the 4 & 5 starters -- Tommy Hanson and Joe Saunders, mind you -- gave up 18 runs in seven combined innings over the weekend. Burn Arizona down. Salt the earth.

How awful has this spring been? Here are the current headlines on

  • Profar out 10-12 weeks with torn shoulder muscle
  • Rangers unsure when Yu can return to hill
  • 'Dead arm' hurts Saunders in loss to Padres
  • Rangers want Feliz to be upfront about issues
  • Soto leaves game early with right leg injury

Justin Grimm is less grim than those headlines.

T.R. Sullivan recaps yesterday's action that played out like a jazz funeral rather than a baseball game. At least Michael Choice continues to lead the procession.

Jeff Wilson writes about the big blow from yesterday. If you haven't heard, Jurickson Profar will miss 10-12 weeks with a tear in the teres major muscle in his shoulder.

Sullivan has more on Profar's injury. At 12 weeks, Profar is expected to miss the first half of the season and Wilson, Rosales, Brent Lillibridge, Kensuke Tanaka, and Rougned Odor being looked at as the internal options to start at 2B.

Anthony Andro profiles all of the above internal options to replace Profar to start you wondering about external options to replace Profar.

Kevin Sherrington writes that the Profar injury means the Rangers need to get to shopping and bring someone in who isn't Adam Rosales.

Gil LeBreton's column calls yesterday "Black Sunday" for the Rangers with LeBreton writing that all of the nagging injuries this spring has culminated with the loss of a significant everyday player.

Maybe we'll just have to get used to seeing this:

The rest of the news doesn't get any cheerier. Sullivan writes that with Yu Darvish still sidelined with a stiff neck, his Opening Day start is now in some doubt.

Evan Grant writes that the Rangers even have a secret contingency plan in place should Darvish be unable to go on March 31. They're not sharing the plan but I assume it's titled "Operation: Move Team to Portland, Start Over."

After Hanson and Saunders went full Hanson and Saunders this weekend, Richard Durrett ponders which two pitchers will round out the Ranger rotation.'s Landon Haaf sings the praises of Neal Cotts who probably just got injured as I typed this.

This article about Neftali Feliz by Matt Mosley has been up almost 24 hours now and no one has bothered to correct the fact that Mosley thinks the Rangers' Triple-A affiliate is still in Oklahoma City.

Sullivan and Corey Brock share Notebook duties that could have been written in the tears of Ranger fans.

Drew Davison writes about Geovany Soto with the headline: "Soto's new workout routine improves recovery, durability"

Then, later, Davison writes about Soto with the headline: "Geovany Soto exits game with sore right knee"

Lastly, Charlie Wilmoth of MLB Trade Rumors reviews the Rangers' offseason which was going super great until Derek Holland named his dog to honor the most cursed team in sports history.