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Yu Darvish injury update: Rangers have moderate concern Darvish won't be ready to start Opening Day

And the injury hits just keep on coming, with concerns rising that Yu Darvish's stiff neck will keep him from starting on Opening Day

Yu Darvish injury update: Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish, who is scheduled to take the ball on Opening Day as the team's #1 starter, is now questionable to make that start.

Per Evan Grant, Jon Daniels says that there is "moderate" concern about whether Darvish will be ready to go on Monday, March 31:

"Whenever a guy is not out there, there is some level of concern," Daniels said. "This doesn’t appear to be a long-term deal, but he’s an important guy. We want to make sure he can make thirty or more starts for us. I’m optimistic he will be able to take his turn, but if we have to move him back it’s not the end of the world."

T.R. Sullivan says, on his blog, that it is "doubtful" Darvish will start, although Evan seems more optimistic about it.

Darvish originally got the stiff neck after sleeping wrong on it last week.

If Darvish can't start, it seems likely that Martin Perez would get the nod.