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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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Your new starting catcher
Your new starting catcher

Less than a week to go until Opening Day. The Rangers still have a handful of baseball players left to play baseball.

T.R. Sullivan recaps yesterday's win over Oakland where Mitch Moreland actually returned from injury and helped the Rangers win.

Evan Grant writes at length, because the injury reports coming from the Rangers have been lengthy, on the utter disaster this year's camp has been.

Gil LeBreton names Ranger camp "Camp Gloomy" and calls it the worst spring training in franchise history.

Why is the worst spring training? Well, in addition to the injuries we're all too aware of, Sullivan writes that Yu Darvish's stiff neck isn't progressing as quickly as the Rangers hoped and now his start to the season is in question.

Grant wonders if Tanner Scheppers would get the Opening Day nod should Darvish be unable to go. Scheppers, you may recall, was a setup guy in the bullpen like three days ago.

Speaking of the bullpen, in an ESPN Insider piece, Keith Law writes that Joakim Soria's selection as closer was an easy call over a "disinterested" Neftali Feliz.

With Jon Daniels facing the obliteration of his roster a week before Opening Day, there was still time for him to reflect with Richard Durrett on the ghosts of Garza past.

It's not all bad! As EG writes, the Rangers swept Oakland in Cactus League action this spring. Suck it, A's!

Jeff Wilson writes about the Rangers honoring the Dominican Summer League championship team and their coach Ryley Westman who survived a car crash last year.

Kate Morrison places Michael Choice as the No. 3 prospect in the system mere days before he leaves the label of prospect behind for good.

Sullivan's Notebook covers Martin Perez's prep for a possible Opening Day start, Darvish's possible absence from an Opening Day start, the catching options with Geovany Soto out, Jurickson Profar's long road to recovery, and other various miserable things.

Finally, here's the song that I feel best represents Spring Training 2014: