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Yu Darvish injury update: Rangers scratch Darvish for Opening Day

Yu Darvish has been scratched as the Rangers' Opening Day starter, and he could land on the disabled list

Yu Darvish injury update:  Yu Darvish will not start on Opening Day, and he may land on the disabled list, as the Rangers are sending him to be examined by back specialist Dr. Drew Dossett, who did Matt Harrison's back surgery last year.

The Opening Day starter will now either be Martin Perez or Tanner Scheppers, but at this point, the potential issue is more serious than just Opening Day.

If Darvish is having back problems, that is the sort of issue that could end up jeopardizing his season.  Rangers fans remember all too well how Matt Harrison was lost for essentially the entire 2013 season due to back surgery.  Just the idea of losing Darvish losing significant time in 2014 is something I don't want to consider.