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Texas Rangers rumors: Rickie Weeks on Rangers radar?

The Rangers are reportedly checking out Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks

Rob Tringali

Texas Rangers rumors:  Rickie Weeks, second baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers, is reportedly being checked out by the Rangers:

Weeks was the #2 overall pick in the 2003 draft, and while he was solid for quite a few years for Milwaukee, the last couple of years have not been great.  Weeks put up a .230/.328/.400 line in 2012, and a .209/.306/.357 line in 2013.  He has a negative 1.5 bWAR over the past two seasons.  fWAR likes him a little more, with a 1.0 figure in 2012 and a -0.3 number in 2013.

But by any measure, Weeks has been bad the last couple of seasons.  And the advanced stats hate his defense...his DRS is -45 the past two seasons, and his UZR the past two seasons is -26.4.

I suspect the Brewers would have to pick up just about all of the $11 million he is owed this year, and would have to take back a marginal prospect, for the Rangers to be interested.