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Yu Darvish injury update: No structural damage to Darvish's back

Dr. Keith Meister examined Yu Darvish, and says that there is no structural damage

Mike McGinnis

Yu Darvish injury update:  Yu Darvish has been examined by Dr. Keith Meister, who apparently has reported that there is no structural damage, and that Yu Darvish can resume throwing on Saturday.

Darvish will start the season on the disabled list, but the d.l. assignment can be back-dated to March 21, which allows Darvish to be activated in the first week of April.  That would mean that, if the throwing session on Saturday goes well and he's in good shape, Yu could end up missing just one start.

This is very good news for those of us who were concerned about a worst-case scenario, such as Darvish missing much or all of the season with back problems or back surgery.  Hopefully he will only miss a start or two, and we'll get 31 or 32 Yu Darvish starts.