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Colby Lewis throws 5 shutout innings, is unhappy

Colby Lewis threw five shutout innings today, but is apparently displeased that he won't be starting the season in the major league rotation

Jamie Squire

Colby Lewis update:  Colby Lewis threw five shutout innings against the Kansas City Royals today, going 72 pitches, in what should have been a positive outing that left everyone happy.

But per Evan Grant, Colby Lewis seemed quite displeased after the game that he was not making the Opening Day rotation:

Lewis, coming back from hip surgery, appeared unhappy after the outing despite allowing just two hits on 72 pitches in his longest outing of the spring.

"I’m healthy, that’s all I’ve got," Lewis said. "You guys can write whatever you want."

So, among all the other drama of the last few days, the player that Jon Daniels has described as being "the story of camp" is peeved that he's not going to be in the majors on Opening Day.

Honestly, though, I can't say that I blame Lewis.  He's had a solid camp, and while he hasn't gotten to 90-100 pitches yet, I can see why he'd think that he would give the team a better chance to win than, say, Nick Martinez, even if he can't go as deep into the game as you would like.

I am assuming that Lewis doesn't have an opt-out in his contract, which means that the Rangers can assign him to the minors and there's nothing he can really do about it.  Evan says that Lewis could miss just one start, and be up by April 11 if his next two (minor league) starts go well.

UPDATE -- Per Drew Davison, Lewis does have an opt-out provision, but is not expected to opt out of his deal.