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Opening Day Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for all your celebratory bunting instead of sacrificial bunting

This was the beginning of something big
This was the beginning of something big
Tom Pennington

In just a few hours, the sort-of-Rangers embark on a 162 game journey. We get to go along for the ride. Merry Sports-Christmas, everyone.

Jeff Wilson writes that while the Rangers may be limping toward the starting gate, the team is confident that they can compete.'s Andrew Simon has a look at the official Opening Day Ranger roster and notes that Yu Darvish has made progress but will still begin the season on the DL.'s Paul Hagen previews the first game of the season which pits former Ranger ace Cliff Lee against former Ranger setup reliever Tanner Scheppers.

The tandem of Patrick Despain and Eddie Middlebrook have a preview of the 2014 Texas Rangers and a look at the embattled roster.

Gil LeBreton says good riddance to March and writes that the Rangers are looking forward to the healing powers of actual baseball.

Richard Durrett writes that, despite a harrowing spring, the Rangers are 0-0 just like everyone else in the American League and they have the weapons to contend if they can survive April.

Kevin Sherrington wants you guys to relax and enjoy Opening Day instead of worrying about what may or may not happen this season.

Jean-Jacques Taylor has the official Ron Washington puff piece of Opening Day and writes that Wash's managerial style is "unorthodox."

LeBreton writes that the Rangers have embraced change and references the massive roster overhaul the team has carried out over the last few seasons.

T.R. Sullivan writes a cool story on Michael Choice getting to suit up for the team he grew up rooting for on Opening Day in the park he always envisioned himself playing in.

Durrett notes that, in the face of all the turmoil in Surprise, Martin Perez had a drama-free spring and is looking forward to his first full season with the Rangers.

Gerry Fraley has a really neat piece on how the Rangers have truly become the world's team thanks to one of the more diverse rosters in recent memory.

Lastly, Mark Townsend ranks all 30 Opening Day starters from best to worst. Tanner Scheppers finishes 30th among 30 starters. That's behind the likes of Scott Feldman, Chris Tillman, and Dillon Gee. Yikes.

That said, I imagine Kevin Millwood wouldn't have fared much better in a similar exercise when, in 2009, he made the Opening Day start for the Rangers against reigning AL Cy Young award winner Cliff Lee and the Cleveland Indians. Nevertheless, the Rangers won that game 9-1.

See ya in the GDTs.