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Thoughts on a 14-10 Opening Day loss

Well, that was unpleasant.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Phillies 14, Rangers 10

  • I'm not sure there's much to say about the pitching today.  Tanner Scheppers had command issues and was getting his pitches up.  Pedro Figueroa had command issues.  And Alexi Ogando had command issues.  Ogando's problems date back to spring training, and is worrisome for a bullpen that is a bit light right now.  As for Scheppers, you have to hope it was just an off day.
  • Curious decision by Ron Washington in the 6th inning.  With Alexi Ogando warming (and seemingly ready to come in), Wash left the lefty Figueroa -- who hadn't been all that sharp anyway -- in to face the righthanded hitting Marlon Byrd.  Byrd promptly homered off of Figueroa, making it a 10-8 game.  I figured that Ogando would surely be coming in to face Byrd, but no.  Of course, given how Ogando struggled once he did come in, it might not have made a ton of difference.
  • Hey, Seth Rosin made his major league debut!  Good for him...
  • Rosin was also the only Ranger pitcher not to give up a run today.
  • When Alex Rios hit that home run to give the Rangers a 7-6 lead in the 3rd, I was sure Texas was going to win the game.  Alas...
  • Also in the "curious decision by Ron Washington" category was the decision to start Mitch Moreland at DH instead of Michael Choice.  I suspect it will be the only game against a LH starter that Choice sits this season, barring injury or demotion.  I get that Wash wants to reward his veteran with a start on Opening Day, but Mitch shouldn't be DHing against a lefty.  Moreland went 0 for 3 before being lifted for a pinch hitter -- Choice -- against a lefty reliever.  Which leads one to wonder...if you were going to lift Moreland for a PH against a lefty reliever, why start him against Lee?
  • No hits for new leadoff hitter Shin-Soo Choo today, though he did draw a walk to load the bases in the 7th.  Unfortunately, Elvis Andrus (after being screwed with an awful called strike out to lead off his at bat) ended up grounding into a fielder's choice to end the inning and kill the rally.
  • Leonys Martin and Josh Wilson both had good games from the bottom of the order, each picking up a pair of hits.  Wilson isn't going to hit much this season, but Leonys is someone you'd like to see provide a spark at the bottom of the lineup, and today was a good start for him.
  • Not a great way to start the season, but then, the Rangers got blown out last year on Opening Day by the Astros, so I guess this is an improvement.