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Ian Kinsler calls Jon Daniels a "sleazeball"

Ian Kinsler vents over his departure from the Rangers in a new ESPN The Magazine story


It appeared that Ian Kinsler was going to leave the Rangers quietly, unlike former teammates Josh Hamilton and C.J. Wilson.

Apparently not.

In a new piece in ESPN The Magazine, Kinsler unleashes on Jon Daniels, calling him a "sleazeball" who got in good with ownership and pushed out Nolan Ryan, because Daniels felt Ryan was getting too much credit.  Kinsler also complains that he was asked to take too much of a leadership role on the team last year, with Michael Young being gone (a move Kinsler also criticized), and didn't want to move to first base to make room for Jurickson Profar at second base.  He finishes up by saying he hopes the Rangers go 0-162 in 2014.

Richard Durrett has a piece up that includes comments from some of Kinsler's former teammates, as well as Jon Daniels, about the article.

The comments, from a guy who was one of the key pieces of the best Ranger teams ever, are very disappointing, and as a fan of the Rangers and Kinsler, I wish he'd not said it.  That being said, I still wish him well in Detroit, except when the Tigers are playing the Rangers.