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Kinsler: Quotes in ESPN article "ridiculous," "childish"

Ian Kinsler says that his quotes in the ESPN: The Magazine article that came out today were "ridiculous" and "childish," and were taken out of context

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Kinsler talked to the media today about the quotes in the ESPN: The Magazine story that came out today, and Evan Grant has a blog post summarizing what Kinsler had to say.

Kinsler said the quotes were ridiculous and childish, and his comments about Jon Daniels being a sleazeball were taken out of context. He also said that his 0-162 comment is something he's said to his former teammates, and was intended to be humorous.

Grant has a separate blog post where he focuses on Kinsler's comments about not wanting to assume the leadership role on the team that the organization wanted him to take, preferring to focus on his own performance. This is probably the most meaningful thing you'll ready about this brouhaha, as Evan talks about how Kinsler's reluctance to assume a veteran leadership role on the team helped lead to Kinsler being traded.

Evan also has a "five things I think" about Kinsler's comments, discussing how part of the problem is the mistake Jon Daniels made earlier in his time with the Rangers in getting too close to some of the players, and with Kinsler and Michael Young in particular.