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Wednesday Morning Links

In the 70's, women burned their bras, in 2014 they will burn their Kinsler shirseys.

Nick Laham

Alright, this doesn't have anything to do with the Rangers or Ian Kinsler or anything. But it has Terrell Owens and a horribly aged Joe Avezzano driving a Delorean and I kept waiting for someone to say that HUVr has what plants crave. Jeez, when did Tony Hawk turn into a late 90's Tom Petty?

That sound you heard yesterday was Adam's brain violently tearing itself in twain. He'll never love another second baseman again, Ian Kinsler.

Matt Mosley takes a look at the Kinsler imbroglio, noting that one of the areas of contention was that Ian wanted to devote his full attention to sulking petulantly at umpires and getting caught stealing rather than mentoring young players.

Ken Rosenthal observes that the jury is still out on Jon Daniels' sleaziness and that all he has to do to dispel any lingering doubts is to win a World Series by any and all means necessary.

Anthony Andro also discussed the fiasco, with Ian Kinsler saying that while he was quoted accurately it was, as an acquaintance told me after I repeated some things he said before a wedding, "secret guy talk."

Richard Durrett has some quotes from current Rangers about the situation, with Tanner Scheppers and Ron Washington observing that it's unlikely they will finish 0-162 on the season.

Christina Kahrl observes that you should feel sorry for Kinsler because he is likely entering his decline phase while Daniels is just entering his years of peak sleaziness.

Daniels also said he hopes the players are "pissed" about Kinsler's comments and use them as motivation, or else he'll trade their sorry butts, too.

Durrett tells us the real damage has been done to Kinsler's reputation, and also to the pink Kinsler Ranger shirsey market.

Jeff Wilson uses the addition of a new star to the firmament of disgraced former Rangers to examine what Josh Hamilton thinks about how Ian Kinsler is affecting Josh Hamilton.

Drew Davison notes that the Rangers have taken the high road by allowing age related decline to shut Kinsler up.

T.R. Sullivan quotes Daniels about Kinsler, with Daniels shaking his head at his slashed tires and saying "this is why I dumped your crazy ass."

Kevin Sherrington proposes that the Kinsler / Daniels flap is just a proxy fight in The Great Nolan War.

Gerry Fraley thinks we have Kinsler to thank for Jurickson Profar's meh 2013.

Evan Grant tells us that Ian Kinsler meant the "0-162" comment as a joke, but that the rest of it was serious as a heart attack.

Cory Burns ended up in baseball because his mom told him he couldn't race motocross anymore.

Mike Trout has Yu Darvish's number. You know who else's number Mike Trout has? Everyone's.

Ron Washington's initial foray into the wild world of replay is off to an inauspicious beginning.

Evan Grant recaps yesterdays loss because "who cares?" and also says we're probably signing Joe Saunders also because "who cares?"

Finally, here's some advice from the French about traveling to the United States.