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Bovada makes Texas Rangers the favorite in the A.L. West

Bovada has the Rangers at 7 to 4 odds of winning the A.L. West, the best odds of any team in the division

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Bovada has released their opening odds on teams winning their respective divisions, leagues, and the World Series, and the Texas Rangers are the early favorites in the A.L. West, at 7 to 4 odds.

Oakland is right behind them at 2 to 1, the Angels are 9 to 4, Seattle is 7 to 1, and Houston is 50 to 1.

Texas is pegged at having the 5th best chance at winning the A.L. pennant, at 8 to 1.  Detroit is the favorite at 17 to 4, following by Boston and Tampa, each at 6 to 1, and then, strangely, the Yankees, who are at 13 to 2.

Texas is 16 to 1 to win the World Series.  The favorite to win it all is Los Angeles (the N.L. version) at 13 to 2, followed by St. Louis at 8 to 1 and Detroit at 9 to 1.