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Thursday Morning Links

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Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

T.R. Sullivan talks up Joe Saunders, mentioning that he's durable and that he's currently ambulatory and does not appear to have thoracic outlet yet.

Tyler Emerick has a notes column, telling us that Miles Mikolas came to the Rangers this winter wanting to show us what he's got and that what he's got is a sore elbow, and also that Harrison feels good after throwing his first bullpen session.

Evan Grant sat down with J.P. Arencibia to talk about how he proposed to that girl from The Band Perry, Martin Perez about maturing into a big league pitcher, and Colby Lewis about not living up to expectations in his first go round with the Rangers..

Rafael Perez feels good and hasn't had any shoulder problems. Mitch Moreland says he's not bothered by the extra work required under his development program this spring. Elvis Andrus says he's throwing with no discomfort after experiencing soreness Friday.

Tommy Hanson got knocked around yesterday, so I guess the buzzard you see circling his arm is Joe Saunders. Richard Durrett observes that there are still question marks all over the Ranger rotation.

Well, it looks like the Star-Telegram is implementing some kind of soft paywall which is interfering with my ability to read their articles. The summaries below are what I divined about them from the headlines and a ZzzzQuil induced vision quest.

Drew Davison has a column about Joe Saunders competing for a back of the rotation spot, where we learn that Saunders is sort of a bizarro C.J. Wilson that drives a mid-90's Volvo station wagon and has totally whack reaction times even when he hasn't been watching YouTube all night.

Mac Engel says Jon Daniels is no sleazier than any GM.

Jason Frasor is freaked out by one of the Maddux brothers.

Finally, here's the story of the Charge of the Light Brigade..