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Joe Saunders contract: Rangers guaranteeing only $250,000 to Saunders

The terms of Joe Saunders' contract with the Rangers have been released.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Saunders contract: The Texas Rangers gave Joe Saunders a major league deal, but the terms have now been released, and we can see details, and why this major league deal is a little unusual...

As with Tommy Hanson, the Rangers gave Saunders a deal that isn't fully guaranteed...if he is released before Opening Day, he only gets $250,000 of his $500,000 base salary.  The full details are at the link above, but he will get $1.5 million base once he appears on the active roster, and bonuses based on innings pitched and days on the active roster.

Really, this isn't much different than a minor league deal with an opt-out prior to Opening Day, except the Rangers would be on the hook for a little bit of money if they decide not to go with Saunders.  Given the terms, my guess is the Rangers are not going to keep Saunders on board just to cover a start or two until Matt Harrison gets back...he will either be expected to be in the rotation for a while, or he will be let go prior to Opening Day.