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Community Projections Update & Poll

Projections and stuff.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Some updates...

  • Today at 1:00 PM, a projections article will go up for Colby Lewis. He may or may not be the last player projected.
  • There is a poll to decide whether or not to project Joe Saunders. Personally, I'd like to project him into the sun. But who knows, maybe there's a mess of people chomping at the bit to project an 6.00+ ERA for Joe Saunders. If we don't project Saunders, then Colby is the last player. Otherwise I'll do a Saunders tomorrow (shaking my head the whole time).
  • Deadline to enter projections for all players is Monday, April 7th. That morning I'll be closing the comments for all players.
  • The link to the community projections section is: You can access any player but we've done so many this year that you may have to go back to "Older entries". Adrian Beltre was the first one we did.
  • Don't forget that you can change a projection by replying to your original with "Delete" and I will delete that projection.
  • For players that are projected with 0 IP or 0 PA such as Derek Holland, I've decided to allow those and just not include the ERA, strikeouts and what not into the averages. Only the IP. Every person that projects 0 IP will receive the worst possible score if he pitches at all this year as though they didn't give a projection at all.