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Matt Harrison injury update: Harrison to start rehab assignment Thursday

Matt Harrison will start a rehab assignment with AA Frisco on Thursday


Matt Harrison injury update:  Texas Ranger lefthander Matt Harrison will be throwing four innings on Thursday for AA Frisco, according to Richard Durrett.

Durrett says Harrison "likely needs a few more starts" before he'll be ready to return to the Rangers' rotation, but the fact that he's starting on his rehab assignment is a good thing, and if things go smoothly, Harrison can hopefully be back in the rotation in three weeks or so.

The Rangers might have Yu Darvish and Colby Lewis back in the next five to seven days, which would alleviate some of the pressure on the rotation, but getting Matt Harrison back would be a big boost as well, particularly if he can replicate the success he had in 2011-12.  Slowly but surely, it sounds like the Rangers are getting their starting pitchers back...