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Thursday Morning Links

We're never going to win again. Kinsler was almost right, we're going to go 4-158.

Jared Wickerham

We're never going to win again. Kinsler was almost right, we're going to go 4-158.

Jeff Wilson's recap includes a righteous self-shaming quote from Neal Cotts, who pointed out that every Ranger did great except for Neal F-ing Cotts

The honest self-appraisal continues in T.R. Sullivan's recap, where Cotts points out that Ortiz wouldn't have hit a better pitch so far.

Evan Grant's recap focuses on the avoidable blunders that could have made the difference in the game.

Evan also has a five things he thinks he thinks about the Rangers after Beltre's injury, and all five things are creative variations of the F word.

Ron Washington talked to the MLB vice president of baseball operations about the fact that even with 21st century replay technology umpires are still idiots.

Jon Daniels confirmed that Colby Lewis will be starting this weekend.

Evan Grant points to a lengthy feature on Chad Curtis, who says he intends to forgive the teenage girls he allegedly molested which is mighty big of him. Evan says his main memory of Curtis is the same that many LSBers probably have... fighting with Royce Clayton about The Thong Song.

Kyle Brasseur says that Ron Washington had a plan for handling David Ortiz, and you saw how well that worked out for him. His rapid reactions talk about Neal Cotts, and Robbie Ross having some control issues, and the lone bright spot being maybe Ogando being good again.

Adrian Beltre met with Dr. Keith Meister yesterday to get an MRI on his injured quad. I'm sure the news will be bad, it's always bad in '14.

T.R. Sullivan's notes column discusses the Rangers plans to continue dominating the Astros, to which I look at our roster and record and say "ha ha, yeah, well, could be I guess."

Finally, here's a story about a bacterial pathogen that hijacks a plants reproductive system.