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Adrian Beltre, Colby Lewis update: Beltre has a quad strain, Lewis to start Monday or Tuesday

Adrian Beltre has been diagnosed with a "mild" strain of his quad and isn't going on the disabled list yet, and Colby Lewis will start for the Rangers on Monday or Tuesday

Rick Yeatts

Adrian Beltre is not going on the disabled list (yet), which means that Colby Lewis's return to the majors is being delayed by a couple of days.

Adrian Beltre has a "mild Grade 1 strain" of his quad, according to Jon Daniels, and so the Rangers are going to wait a few days before deciding whether Beltre needs to go on the disabled list.

Colby Lewis, meanwhile, will start either Monday or Tuesday for the Rangers.  If Beltre has to go on the d.l., Lewis would replace Beltre on the 25 man roster.  If Beltre doesn't have to go on the d.l., then either Jim Adduci or Kevin Kouzmanoff would likely be dropped from the 25 man roster to make room for Lewis being called up.