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5-5 - They don't deserve Yu, Rangers win worst game ever

The Rangers embarrassed the 20th anniversary of the opening of The Ballpark by playing in the longest scoreless game in franchise history

Posing isn't how you score runs
Posing isn't how you score runs
Tom Pennington

The Stars made the playoffs! The Rangers won on a walk-off! I shouldn't be this miserable. Why am I so miserable? Oh yeah, because the Rangers tried to prone bone a game against the Astros over and over for hours and hours while Yu Darvish was busy being spectacular.

That was honestly the most painful experience I've had watching the Rangers win a baseball game and I have previously sat on the metal bleachers at Arlington Stadium on a late summer's day.

But hey, a win is a win, right?

Player of the Game: Darvish was excellent. If Alex Rios hadn't short-armed a foul ball against the wall down the line, he'd have had a no-hitter through eight innings. The Rangers were so inspired that they didn't score for him or nearly ever again. It's getting to the point where Darvish's starts are a bummer because he deserves better than the Texas Rangers.