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6-7 - Colby returns, Rangers leave him wondering why he even bothered

I would say at least they're not the Astros but they kind of are

Welcome back, Colbs. Sorry we suck.
Welcome back, Colbs. Sorry we suck.
Ronald Martinez

At least when the wheels came off, they exploded spectacularly sending the car careening into an ramp to do a few gnarly flips while also on fire.

Top of the 6th

Robinson Canó singled to second
Corey Hart popped out to shallow right
Michael Saunders tripled to left center, Robinson Canó scored
Kyle Seager singled to shallow right center, Michael Saunders scored
Pedro Figueroa relieved Colby Lewis
Justin Smoak safe at first on third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff's fielding error, Kyle Seager to second
Dustin Ackley singled to right, Kyle Seager scored, Justin Smoak to second, Justin Smoak to third on right fielder Álex Ríos's fielding error
Mike Zunino singled to shallow left center, Justin Smoak scored, Dustin Ackley to second
Abraham Almonte singled, Dustin Ackley to third, Mike Zunino to second
Brad Miller grounded into fielder's choice, Dustin Ackley out at home, Mike Zunino to third, Abraham Almonte to second
Robinson Canó hit sacrifice fly to deep left center, Mike Zunino scored, Abraham Almonte to third
Héctor Noesí relieved Pedro Figueroa
Corey Hart struck out swinging
End of Inning, Game, Season, Franchise (5 Runs, 6 Hits, 2 Errors)

Player of the Game: Colby Lewis was better than expected in his return to the majors but who are we kidding? Kyle Seager is the player of any game between the Rangers and Mariners.