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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for who cares it's Yu Darvish day!!

The White Sox really burst our bubble, amirite?
The White Sox really burst our bubble, amirite?
Tom Pennington

Good morning.

I guess you could say the Rangers really laid an egg on Easter Sunday yesterday. dohoho


Randy Jennings had the Rapid Reaction to the Easter day 16-2 massacre at the hands of the Chicago White Sox.'s Dave Sessions' game story focuses on the Rangers losing by a billion runs but still winning the series and homestand.

Drew Davison recaps the drubbing the Rangers took from Chicago that lightly drizzled on a solid homestand's parade.

Gerry Fraley notes that Noesi had statistically the worst single frame by a Ranger reliever ever in the ninth inning yesterday. More like Blechtor No-way-si.

A few days ago Jean-Jacques Taylor wrote that, unlike the shitty Seattle Mariners or some rudderless and barbaric baseball team, the Rangers. Play. Right. Way. Every. Single. Game.

Fraley writes that if the successful homestand proved anything, it's that the Rangers should give Robinson Chirinos the majority of the playing time behind the dish.

Anthony Andro notes that Matt Harrison will rehab with the Rangers on their west coast road trip with the hopes of joining the rotation in Seattle later this week.

Dave Sessions handles the Notebook and reports on just what Ron Washington says to his pitchers when he goes out to the mound mid-inning, among other news items.

Stefan Stevenson's notes cover Harrison's rehab, Elvis Andrus' April stolen base record, and a status update on Adrian Beltre.'s Jane Lee previews tonight's first game between the A's and Rangers in 2014.

Finally, let's play another round of everyone's favorite game... WOULD YOU WEAR IT?!

The "Texas Rangers Women's Victoria's Secret PINK® Bling 9FORTY Adjustable Cap by New Era":


Would you wear it?