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Tuesday Afternoon Linkaliciousness

Some stuff on Travis Demeritte, Prince Fielder's walks, and Martin Perez's fastball, among other things

Thearon W. Henderson

So, a collection of links worth noting, but about which I don't have enough to say to warrant their own post...

Gammons Daily takes a look at Prince Fielder's crazy early intentional walk rate, with Prince having drawn more intentional bases on balls so far than any other team, much less any other player.

The folks at Roto Scouting have a scouting report up on Travis Demeritte, the Rangers' 2nd first round pick from 2013.

BP has a writeup on the callup of Luis Sardinas, the Rangers' stud shortstop prospect who is getting a brief taste of the big leagues for the next few days.

FanGraphs takes a look at Martin Perez's early-season success, saying his fastball has been poor, but his sinker has been outstanding.

Dave Cameron says that Cliff Lee is still awesome.  And he is right.

Colby Lewis's pitch f/x chart looks like Italy.

And Russell Carleton writes about David Ortiz bunting.  Why should you care?  Because as he explains:

You can probably figure out that Ortiz is a stand-in for “left-handed pull-happy guy against whom teams often play an infield shift.”

Which means this is relevant to Prince Fielder, as well.  Carleton delves into "gory mathematical details" on the necessary success rate for bunting to make sense, and talks about why players don't do it more.