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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

The number one source for all expletives expended on Kyle Seager

Pictured: A Texas Ranger pitcher after facing Kyle Seager
Pictured: A Texas Ranger pitcher after facing Kyle Seager
Otto Greule Jr

Good morning.

I'll take a 4-2 road trip against division rivals any week. I can't even be mad at the Kyle Seagering from yesterday. It's Kyle Seager. That's just what he does against the Rangers. It can't be helped.

T.R. Sullivan recaps the Rangers' 6-5 loss to the Seattle Kyle Seagers that ruined Matt Harrison's rotation homecoming.

Evan Grant writes about yesterday's series finale loss in Seattle and notes that Kyle Seager has hit a game-winning home run in every at-bat of his career against the Rangers. Probably.

Jeff Wilson's game story notes that Kyle Seager made a wish on a monkey's paw to hit a bunch of home runs against the Rangers. Unfortunately for him, the wish was granted while also cruelly dooming him to spend his days as a Seattle Mariner.

EG notes that the Rangers are willing to wait through this upcoming series with the A's before making a decision on putting Shin-Soo Choo on the DL or not.

Sullivan's Notebook covers Joakim Soria closing like a closer should, Neal Cott's confidence, the Rangers likely missing C.J. Wilson's turn in the rotation in Anaheim later this week, and other items.

Wilson's notes tackle Yu Darvish vs. The A's: Round II, Choo's boo boo, and an update on Jurickson Profar's rehab progress.

Grant's 5 TITs firmly grasp five things going on with the Rangers right now including the topic of Prince Fielder's poor April.

Jane Lee previews tonight's prime match-up between Darvish and Sonny Gray and the co-leaders of the American League West. mitebcool.png

Lastly, the Red Sox opened Pandora's Rosin Bag regarding pitchers' don't ask, don't tell policy on usage of substances to grip baseballs and now MLB is going to look into putting BullFrog Sunscreen out of business.