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Colby Lewis update: Lewis to pitch for Round Rock on Sunday

Colby Lewis will make his next start on Sunday, April 6, for AAA Round Rock

Jamie Squire

Colby Lewis update:  Colby Lewis will make his next start for the AAA Round Rock Express on Sunday, April 6, per the usual suspects on Twitter.

Lewis had pitched in an exhibition game on April 1, and there was some thought that he would be called up to start for the Rangers on Monday.  However, the Rangers apparently want him to get at least one more start in the minors before he comes up, which would mean he won't be starting in the majors until April 11, at the earliest.

Lewis is on a minor league deal and can opt out of his contract if he isn't on the major league roster by April 10, which is part of the reason Lewis is expected to be in the majors by April 11.