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2-2 - Joe Saunders Stinks, Rays Sink Rangers in Series Opener

Joe Saunders left the game with a bruised ankle but not before proving that he is indeed Joe Saunders

We felt your pain, Joe
We felt your pain, Joe
Brian Blanco

I guess 8-1 is just too much for 9th inning magic. Over the course of 162 games, you'll have some clunkers where nothing goes right. Tonight was one such clunker.

Here's this:

That's now at 36 innings.

And this:

The Rangers run differential is now at minus nine.

It's a marvel that the Rangers are even 2-2 so far. Thank goodness for the Phillies' bullpen.

Player of the Game: Joe Saunders for showing the Rangers why Joe Saunders shouldn't appear in any more Rangers games.