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2-3 - Bullpen Blows Nick Martinez's Major League Debut, Rangers Lose

Nick Martinez out-duels David Price and the Rangers still can't manage a win

Sorry about that, Nick
Sorry about that, Nick
Brian Blanco

You could have gotten all the money in the world on say March 20 if you had bet that Nick Martinez would be the first Ranger starter to go six innings and toss the first quality start of the 2014 season. You probably could have made some nice cash on say Sept. 1, 2013 if you'd have bet that Neal Cotts would blow the first meaningful save of the 2014 season.

Too bad you're gutless and therefore broke.

In the Series Preview I wrote:

...because it's baseball, there's always the chance that on April 5, 2014, Nick Martinez will pitch well enough for the Rangers to win. That's what makes it fun.

And he did. Nick Martinez on April 5 was better than David Price and he pitched well enough for the Rangers to win. And for a while, it was fun. But bullpens happen and the Rangers didn't win. Now it isn't fun at all.

Player of the Game: Nick Martinez, the best Ranger starter of 2014.