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Leonys Martin, Mitch Moreland both sit against lefty Felix Doubront

Both Leonys Martin and Mitch Moreland are getting the day off today against Boston Red Sox lefthanded starting pitcher Felix Doubront

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

With lefty Felix Doubront getting the start today for the Boston Red Sox, Michael Choice was going to be in the starting lineup, but there was some question about who he would replace:  DH Mitch Moreland, or CF Leonys Martin?

As it turns out, both Moreland and Leonys are getting the day off against the lefty today.  Choice is starting in center field, per John Blake on Twitter, but Adrian Beltre is starting at DH.  Josh Wilson is playing third base, and Donnie Murphy is playing second base.

The lineups for each team:

If nothing else, with Leonys, Moreland and Jim Adduci all on the bench, the Rangers at least have some viable lefthanded hitting pinch hitting options for late in the game.