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Colby Lewis expected to start Saturday, per T.R. Sullivan

Colby Lewis is apparently going to be called up in the next week, with T.R. Sullivan saying he is expected to start for Texas on Saturday

Christian Petersen

Colby Lewis is back.  Almost.

Per T.R. Sullivan, Colby Lewis is expected to be called up from the minors and start for the Rangers on Saturday against the Houston Astros.

Per Evan Grant, meanwhile, the plan is for Lewis to throw a bullpen session on Wednesday, and then be brought up to start for the Rangers sometime between Saturday and Tuesday.

The decision to put Joe Saunders on the disabled list opened up a spot in the Rangers' rotation which Lewis would slide in to, though the off day on Thursday means that the Rangers will start Yu Darvish on Friday and can start the rest of their rotation on regular rest from Saturday through Monday, which would mean a fifth starter would be needed on Tuesday.

If the Rangers opted to give everyone but Darvish an extra day of rest, Lewis would move into the rotation on Saturday.

Either way, it looks like Colbyashi is on the verge of pitching in the majors again, almost two years since he last pitched in a major league game.

It remains to be seen how effective Lewis will be.  He had some struggles early in the spring with his release point, as he adjusted to the additional range of motion he now has post-hip-surgery, and his velocity appears to be mostly in the 87-88 mph range on his fastball.  I wouldn't expect the Colby Lewis who was a legit #2 starter for Texas when he first returned from Japan.

However, if Colby can be a decent #4 or #5 starter, or even a useful swingman, I suspect the Rangers will be happy to have him on their 25 man roster the rest of the year.