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Wednesday Morning Links

Your 2014 Rangers: making a 10 run lead a tenuous thing

Jim Rogash

Your 2014 Rangers: making a 10 run lead a tenuous thing.

Scott Barboza has his rapid reactions to yesterday's glorious victory, with Robinson Chirinos saying "Prince who?"

Evan Grant looks at the game by finding a few bright spots, including a bunch of double plays turned and Prince Fielder actually hitting something.

T.R. Sullivan says that the offense gave Martin Perez a lot of support, and he ended up needed almost every inch of it.

All is not well in Whoville, however, as Adrian Beltre hurt his leg and will miss the series finale.

T.R. Sullivan's notes column discusses Adrian Beltre flying home early to get his leg checked out and Colby Lewis likely starting Saturday's game.

Speaking of medical curiosities, Matt Harrison had a nice start yesterday for Frisco, going 62 pitches and allowing one run.

Evan Grant says that the injury bug didn't stay in Arizona... the cops traced the call, THE INJURY BUG IS IN THE CLUBHOUSE WITH YOU!!

Mike Napoli, late to the party, observes that Elvis' facial hair looks like Lincoln's.

Scott Barboza's notes column talks about Colby Lewis and the Monday night replay.

Evan also tells us that Matt Harrison was happy with yesterday's rehab start, that Colby Lewis is fixing to be activated, and that Ron Washington is happy withthe replay process but not with Monday's result.

Finally, here is how mourning a death is handled in the Jewish tradition. I particularly like "this is also for the good."