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4-5 - Red Sox have David Ortiz, the Rangers do not; Texas loses

Instead of 5-4 with a 3-3 road trip, the Rangers head home 4-5 after blowing it in Boston

All you can do is laugh
All you can do is laugh
Jared Wickerham

It was a game that the Rangers probably shouldn't have been leading anyway. Robbie Ross was walking the world, the offense was dead, and Jake Peavy looked like his old Cy Young self. But they escaped danger long enough for Mitch Moreland to tie the game in the 7th with his first home run of the season.

Then the Rangers took the lead in the 8th and were six outs away from a very successful road trip. Of course, curious bullpen usage from unorthodox manager Ron Washington sunk the Rangers again when David Ortiz hit a three-run, go-ahead 8th inning home run to do for Boston what the middle of the Ranger order can't seem to do for Texas.

Series loss. 2-4 road trip. 4-5 record.

Off days after a tough loss are the worst.

Player of the Game: The Double Play Dino for contributing a million double plays in this series to get the Rangers off the hook for what could have been several long, awful innings.