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Thursday Morning Links

Well, that was just awful

Rick Yeatts

T.R. Sullivan tells us that just when we got to feeling good with Colby and Harrison back in the saddle Oakland does Oaklandings and last night really sucked.

Gerry Fraley also has a postgame story, probably because he likes for you to be unhappy.

Richard Durrett has some rapid reactions, all of which are variations on rage vomiting.

Durrett also has a story about Elvis Andrus and Prince Fielder slumping, if you're the sort that likes to pick scabs.

Gerry Fraley points out that Elvis Andrus had a brutal night last night, which maybe isn't surprising because he's also had a brutal month of April.

Fraley also tells us that Nick Tepesch is staying in the minors for now, for which I'm sure Tepesch is extremely grateful.

T.R. Sullivan's notes column deals with Fielder not being worried about his horrible April, and I think we can all agree that apparently Fielder has not moved past the first stage of the grieving process.

You know what will cheer you guys up?  A profile of Buck Showalter, which can serve as a reminder of the Ranger glory days when we embraced the suckage.

Finally, apparently ravens have social abilities that have only previously been observed in humans.