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19-18 - Lesser than Lester: Rangers fall behind early, lose big

In the inverse of last night, Boston's ace shut down the Ranger offense while Boston scored eight runs

Boston tea party
Boston tea party
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully Martin Perez stuck around long enough to watch Jon Lester go about his business after he was pulled 3 2/3 innings into a poor start. Lester is what Perez should aspire to be some day.

Of course, Elvis shaved after his best game and Odor wasn't in the lineup for the first time during the 100% win rate Odor Era. Bad omens got the better of 'em tonight.

Player of the Game: I continue to be impressed with Aaron Poreda. A lefty pumping 97+ MPH out of the 'pen can be quite a weapon.