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Martin Perez says he will have Tommy John surgery

Martin Perez confirms what we expected: he will undergo Tommy John surgery

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Martin Perez has said he will undergo Tommy John surgery, with he and his agent sitting down on Friday to determine when the surgery will take place.

We learned yesterday that Perez had a partial tear of his UCL, and had the option of trying rest and rehab over the next 10-12 weeks, or undergoing surgery now.  Perez has apparently opted for the latter, with recovery time usually at least a year.

When Martin Perez signed a contract that seemed very favorable for the Rangers this past offseason, there were the inevitable questions about why he would leave so much potential money on the table.  But Perez, who was motivated in part by a desire to have funds to bring his family to the United States from Venezuela, has financial security for life.  While most pitchers come back from Tommy John surgery, it isn't a guarantee, and Perez will at least be able to go under the knife and rehab while worrying just about his baseball future, rather than his financial stability.