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Monday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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Me and Julio down by the ball yard
Me and Julio down by the ball yard
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. After the crew here at Lone Star Ball held a bloggers-only meeting, the Rangers showed up and won a game so we wouldn't write things about them sucking. Thanks, fellas.

Randy Jennings reacted rapidly to the Rangers' series-salvaging 6-2 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays yesterday.

T.R. Sullivan recaps the Ranger win which saw Mitch Moreland hit his first home run in Arlington this season and Nick Martinez pitch well in what was essentially an emergency start.

Jeff Wilson agrees that Martinez delivered for the Rangers which allowed the offense the chance to put some runs on the board.

Gerry Fraley has some game notes on how the Rangers managed to finally beat the Blue Jays at home for the first time in nearly two years.

Anthony Andro writes that the Rangers put their trust in each other during a players-only meeting and found a way to back it up with a win.

Gil LeBreton has his take and writes that the best outcome to come from the meeting was the six runs that the Rangers put on the board.

Fraley writes that the meeting seemed to be pretty weak sauce by his estimations because he's Gerry Fraley.

Grace Raynor handles the Notebook and covers Alexi Ogando avoiding the DL, the return of Daniel Robertson, the rise of Shawn Tolleson, and various other items.

Finally, do Roogie got a booty?

He doooooo.