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Tanner Scheppers, potential #1 starter? Some in the organization think so, per Sullivan

Tanner Scheppers will be rehabbing as a starter, because some in the organization think he could be a #1 starter

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Tanner Scheppers is going to be rehabbing as a starting pitcher while working his way back from injury, and T.R. Sullivan writes that decision is guided in part by a belief by some that Scheppers could be a top of the rotation starter:

There are those who see Scheppers as a future front-of-the-rotation pitcher, a right-hander with a 95 mph fastball, knockout slider and improving changeup who could end up being a No. 1 starter.

Jon Daniels apparently said before the season that the decision to put Scheppers in the rotation was motivated at least in part by a belief he had top of the rotation potential.  Scheppers has established himself as a solid reliever, but if he has, say, a 10% chance of being a #1 starter, I think its reasonable to take that chance and let him have a shot at starting.

Sullivan also writes that Scheppers, himself, wants to be a starter, and quotes Mike Maddux as saying that Scheppers "could help us in a variety of roles."  With the rotation currently in flux, and Martin Perez and Matt Harrison both sidelined for quite a while, it seems more likely that Scheppers will get another look in the rotation than it appeared a couple of weeks ago.