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Boston Red Sox re-sign Stephen Drew

Shortstop Stephen Drew is returning to the Boston Red Sox on a one year deal

Gail Oskin

The Boston Red Sox have re-signed shortstop Stephen Drew to a one year deal worth approximately $10 million -- the pro-rated portion of the $14.1 million qualifying offer he rejected at the end of 2013 -- according to various national writers on Twitter.

Third baseman Will Middlebrooks was just placed on the disabled list with a fractured finger, which opens up a spot in the infield for Drew.  Since Boston was the team that made the qualifying offer to Drew, they will not lose a draft pick for signing him.  Apparently, no team was going to sign Drew prior to the draft, so there was no point in Boston waiting until post-draft to sign Drew.

This leaves Kendrys Morales as the last major free agent.  Morales could re-sign with Seattle prior to the draft, but otherwise, it seems almost certain Morales will not sign with anyone until after the draft, when he will no longer cost the signing team a draft pick.