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Thursday Morning Links

There's no such thing as an Ian Kinsler curse, there's no such thing as an Ian Kinsler curse...

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Andro says that Nick Tepesch sent the Rangers out on the road with a positive vibe.  Of course, Martin Perez sent us out of Oakland on a positive vibe, too, so expect some sort of convoluted Final Destination calamity to befall Tepesch any day now.

T.R. Sullivan's recap focuses on a rare display of power and the Rangers helping out Tepesch with what the 2014 team laughingly calls a decent night for run support.

Sullivan's notes column discusses Robbie Ross being disappointed but ready to pitch in relief, and Joe Saunders building up his pitch count and should be ready to pitch soon.

Prince Fielder won't be going to Detroit because 2014 gonna 2014.  He says that if he felt normal, he would play.

Yu Darvish doesn't care for Robinson Chirinos which means I hate him, too.

If you're looking for a bright spot, don't look at Neftali Feliz.

Richard Durrett says that the additions of Robbie Ross and Tanner Scheppers can only help the bullpen, unless of course they're terrible.

Ron Washington had a Baghdad Bob moment, where he announced at a press conference that Prince Fielder would be traveling to Detroit only to be contradicted almost immediately.

Calvin Watkins has some rapid reactions to yesterday's glorious victory, noting that you should savor the flavor because you might not taste it again soon.  He also says that this game was important for momentum purposes and that the bullpen came up big today.

Finally, have you ever wondered what your dog or cat was dreaming about?  Well, so have scientists, but they have the tools and expertise to give animals brain damage so they could find out.