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25-25 - Rangers slander Verlander as Texas moves back to .500

The Rangers took 3 of 4 from Detroit as the offense put a dozen runs on the board once again

No. 5 in the rotation, No. 1 in our hearts
No. 5 in the rotation, No. 1 in our hearts
Leon Halip

A 12-4 score between the Rangers and the Tigers with Justin Verlander on the mound against Colby Lewis isn't too unexpected. The unexpected part is the fact that Colby gave up two runs and Verlander gave up nine.

The Rangers took this four-game series from Detroit, moved back to .500, and gained a couple games on the A's.

Player of the Game: Colby Lewis went 5 2/3 innings and, even though it looked like he was going to get shelled in the first few innings, he did what Colby does and kept it together long enough for the Rangers to put up some runs. It was vintage Colby.