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Wednesday Morning Links

See what happens when you don't score 4 or more runs? You break poor Scott Baker's heart.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

T.R. Sullivan has a recap of last night's game, where we have quotes from Soria about the blown save and, really, who can blame him?  If he pitches well and attracts the baleful gaze of the baseball god, he'll get a stiff neck and then his head will fall off.

Sullivan also tells us that Darvish's MRI came back clean, but you shouldn't breath a sigh of relief because, unlike soft tissue injuries, the wages of our baseball sins are invisible to radiologists.  He also wants you to honor the four Ranger regulars who have survived 2014 thus far by casting All Star ballots.  Let not Matt Harrison's sacrifice be in vain!

Sullivan's notes column has quotes from Kyle Gibson, who starts against us tomorrow, wherein he says that the Rangers "have a lot of guys who hit the ball hard to the gaps," but please do not ask him to name anyone specific.

Gerry Fraley recaps the game, noting that it was a bad day but not really because no one encountered an elaborate Final Destination style Rube Goldbergian mishap to land on the DL.

Nick Martinez was on ESPN radio and talked about converting to pitching and, when asked what kind of hitter he was replies that he was... sigh... "scrappy."

Hey, is everyone ready to get on the Joe Saunders train?!  Because it only has one stop, and that's a little town called Mediocrity.

Not a single Ranger leads the All Star balloting at their respective positions.

Ryan Cordell in Hickory was named player of the week for the Sally League.

Prince Fielder underwent cervical fusion surgery yesterday.  Because, you know, TOS is so 2010.

And finally, a man who received deep brain stimulation through an implant to control seizures had a complete change in musical preferences, coming to like and listen to only Johnny Cash.  Still no word on why people listen to Dave Matthews Band.