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Thursday Morning Links

Joe Saunders triumphs in snoozefest

Hannah Foslien

T.R. Sullivan has a postgame story about Luis Sardinas coming up big last night, probably because Joe Saunders willed him to win.

Gerry Fraley asks "when are we gonna get some pitching up in here," with a postgame story about Joe Saunders notching the Rangers' league-leading 10th shutout.  Actually, what he asked is how long Saunders can be a serviceable starter, to which the answer is "what time is it?"

Fraley also takes a look at the Rangers' performance last night and pronounces it "salty."  He also talks about Rios getting a start at DH and Darvish returning to the field of battle on Sunday.

Jorge Alfaro had quite a night for Myrtle Beach Tuesday, with five hits and four runs for Myrtle Beach.

Mitch Moreland is trying to make the most of his big chance to step up, but he's not wanting to make too much of it lest cruel fate strike him down with rickets or cholera or something.  Rangers fans recognize your fickle nature, Dark Lord of the Disabled List!

Unlikely Fanatic has a prospect mailbag over at the WFAA website.

Finally, the World Health Organization warns that trying to classify e-cigs as tobacco products will only result in continued rates of smoking and lung disease.