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Joey Gallo cracks Keith Law's updated top 25 prospect list

Joey Gallo comes in at #25 on Keith Law's latest top prospect list

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Law has posted an updated top 25 prospect list, and Texas Ranger minor league third baseman Joey Gallo makes the cut, coming in at #25.

Gallo didn't make Law's top 100 list coming into the season, but has taken a huge leap forward this year, improving both his walk rate and his K rate while continuing to mash homers.  Gallo has a .315/.454/.720 line on the season, with 58 Ks and 44 walks in 218 plate appearances, and he's doing that while being one of the youngest players in the high-A Carolina League -- he was the 8th youngest player in the league at the beginning of the season, and has just a single plate appearance against a pitcher younger than him this season.

Gallo seems likely to be promoted to AA sometime in June, as A ball pitchers seemingly have stopped challenging him -- since hitting 3 homers on May 16, Gallo has a bizarre .172/.467/.379 line, with 15 Ks and 16 walks.  Of Gallo's 45 plate appearances in that stretch, he's only had 14 end in something other than a walk or K, registering 5 hits (1 single, 3 doubles and a home run) in those 14 at bats.