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Elvis dropped to 9th in the lineup today

In the midst of a horrific slump, Elvis Andrus is hitting 9th today

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Elvis Andrus, who got off to a very good start to the season offensively, is in the midst of a terrible slump that his dropped his OPS on the year below 600.  He seemingly bottomed out yesterday, striking out three times and grounding into a game-ending double play.

As a result, Elvis has been dropped from his customary #2 spot in the lineup, being replaced there by Daniel Robertson for today's game.  Elvis is hitting 9th today.

The full lineup, via John Blake on Twitter:

Its also noteworthy that Leonys Martin is getting the day off against a lefty, with Michael Choice manning center field.  I'd have thought Robertson was the better defensive CF, but it may be that, after Choice's adventures in left field the other day, Wash thinks he's more comfortable in center.