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Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

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What Josh Wilson as a No. 2 hitter looks like
What Josh Wilson as a No. 2 hitter looks like
Doug Pensinger

Good morning. If you thought the Rockies' home runs yesterday were dumb, you weren't the only one. Does baseball have conspiracy theorists? If so, tin foil hats are twitching just thinking about Coors' humidor room.

Evan Grant recaps last night's game which saw Martin Perez thrown from the Oakland frying pan into the Coors Field fire.

Jeff Wilson's game story focuses on a shell-shocked Perez who saw outs in other parks go for home runs while the offense was busy having Josh Wilson in the highest leverage spot in the lineup.'s Jack Etkin recap is much of the same so you can read more about the Rangers getting Coors'd...

...or you can read this from Richard Durrett about some encouraging May stats from players who could use some encouraging May stats.

Wilson writes that Nick Martinez is making it difficult for the Rangers to send him down to pitch out of a minor league rotation by having success as a long man in the Majors.

Etkin handles the Notebook chore and writes about Elvis' extended stay in the No. 9 spot, J.P. Arencibia getting off the schneid, and some weird story about Ron Washington taking a walk around Coors...

EG has a blog post on Robbie Ross looking to bounce back from a tough start in the toughest place on the planet for a pitcher to attempt to bounce back.

Thomas Harding previews tonight's game between the dry-ball Rockies and the wet-ball Rangers in another game that will surely make you wonder how an out is ever recorded in Colorado.

Finally, at least we'll always have this: