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Joe Saunders throws four innings in rehab start for Frisco

Joe Saunders has began a minor league rehab assignment, and threw four innings today for the Frisco Roughriders

Brian Blanco

Lefthanded pitcher Joe Saunders, currently on the 15 day disabled list after taking a ball off the ankle in his one and only appearance with the Rangers, started a rehab assignment today with the Frisco Roughriders.

Saunders threw 66 pitches over 4 innings, striking out 4, walking 1, and allowing 4 hits (2 home runs) and 3 runs.  He also hit a batter.  44 of his 66 pitches were strikes.

Saunders can be left on a rehab assignment for 30 days, so the Rangers have until June 5 to make a decision on him.  It is anticipated that, barring a rash of injuries to the rotation, Saunders would be in the bullpen as a long man who could also be utilized against lefthanded hitters, rather that re-joining the rotation.