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Wednesday Morning Links

The Rangers aren't terrible, they just hate you and want nothing more than your misery.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

I guess we should all be happy that the Rangers are validating simple mathematical beauty by playing down to their Pythag.

T.R. Sullivan postgame story has just narrowly avoids being classified as a snuff film.

Evan Grant's recap waves a little John Denver at us and then proceeds to punch you in the kidneys.

T.R. Sullivan's notes column talks about Martin moving up in the lineup and pitching reinforcements being right around the corner... wait, Joe Saunders?  Nevermind, the season is over.

Grant takes a look at the pitching corps, wondering if Ross should continue starting and if the slagging of Alexei Ogando's arm is going to continue.

Since everyone loves cookie talk, here's a story about a fan making a marijuana joke.

Ron Washington is so shaken up by this losing skid that he's willing to try anything, like giving Mitch Moreland more at bats.

Washington also tentatively put Leonys Martin in the number 2 hole, "just to see how it feels."

Evan Grant takes a look at the most-challenged umpires in April to see who was overruled the most.

Grant also has some post-game quotes from Ron Washington and Robbie Ross.

Joe Saunders wants to be a starter and, you know, at this point why not?

Richard Durrett talks about the impact of NL rules on the Rangers, because I know the one thing that cheers me up when the Rangers are playing terribly is watching pitchers hit.

Finally, it turns out that Elizabeth Bathory was right all along.