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Friday Morning Links

Rougned era begins, Odor 0-for-4's Rangers to 5-0 victory

Tom Pennington

Oh, hey, I guess I'm doing the links again because Adam's a fascist.

Let's kick this thing off right with some Jerry being Jerry.

Anthony Andro recaps the game by observing that all it took to start winning again was to stop being objectively awful at every aspect of the game.  Andro also says that, in an effort not to get Wally Pipp'd, Jurickson Profar will be heading to Arizona to continue his rehab.

T.R. Sullivan's game story has some quotes from Ron Washington and Odor about the double play started by Odor with the bases loaded in the second.  Now if Odor had said it was a particularly challenging play because God is on the Rockies' side that would have been an exciting quote, but instead he just said it was a routine play that they practice all the time.

Sullivan pens an epic love poem to Rougned Odor.

Sullivan's notes column quotes Jon Daniels as thanking Scott Baker for performing admirably as cannon fodder and wishing him much luck in his future endeavors, and also there's a little Roy Oswalt in the Joe Saunders saga.

Evan Grant's postgame story talks about the interesting walk-up music selections last night, which included Gloria Estefan for Leonys Martin, Gangnam Style for Choo, Right Said Fred for Alex Rios and both Cold as Ice and Barbie Girl for Elvis Andrus.

Justin Germano had a cancer scare this spring but now his arrival is a harbinger of doom for batters in blowout games where our pitcher is lifted in the third inning.

Randy Jennings says that as the whitest Ranger remaining on the roster, Matt Harrison is contractually obligated to celebrate his first win in 19 months by "aw shucksing" and hamming it up with good ol' boy charm.  Jennings also has some rapid reactions.

Jennings also had a story on Rougned Odor's arrival in the big leagues.

Finally, longtime readers will know of my interest, as it were, in female soldiers, an interest that frequently manifests itself in galleries of women of the IDF.  However, there are bad b's that were kicking butt throughout history, so here's some of the fighting broads of WWII.  Granted, some of them are "ruddy broodsows of the proletariat," but some of them are pretty hot.